Feedback About Dialogue Sessions with Metta Zetty

Neural Retraining and Insight Mentoring Testimonials

I have been coaching with Metta, and I find her to be incredibly intuitive and empathetic. . . . She is knowledgeable and articulate, and her compassionate nature is a gift to all! ~ A.C.

I love your take on brain retraining, more than Hopper's and Gupta's. Your emotional and spiritual gentleness and wisdom, and your healing way of communicating, are so special. ~ S.B.

It has been less than a month now since I first learned about your recovery, and I think I am already HEALED! . . . . My heartfelt thanks to you, Metta, for everything you've shared. You have made a HUGE difference in my life, and I am so grateful!!!! ~ K.K.

Your enthusiasm is contagious and operates as a teaching vehicle in its own right. It literally transmits expansive spiritual energy. I felt it immediately . . . and that is not a common experience for me. On the Internet it has happened only once before. . . . This ability is a highly useful…transforming tool that only some teachers seem to have. ~ D. T. 

Being with you has really been a real gift and treat. . . . I felt stuck . . . and then you appeared . . . melting the 'darkness', putting everything back on solid ground with so much simplicity and so much love. Thank you so very much, Metta. ~ A.H.

Metta, you are such a blessing in my life. Your love, compassion and gratitude come through your messages so strongly, and you are making my journey so much easier. I cannot thank you enough! ~ J. L.

I have never in my life read . . . anything like your response to me tonight. You are an amazing teacher! Your capacity to see how the trajectory of a particular thought will manifest is extraordinary. Your clarity. . .is exquisite & the extreme gentle care you offer, as way of refocusing, is the closest thing to "spiritual mothering" I've ever felt. ~ C. D.

The Insight Mentoring process is very powerful for me and difficult to really explain. In this process I find a sense of peace, a sense of wholeness, and contentment. . . Metta is a truly rare individual who offers warmth and an ability to stay with the individual and connect at a deeper level. . . I have gained a deeper awareness of myself, and through our dialogues I am able to gain a clearer perspective on my life. . . . I see Metta as a wonderful guide who is showing me how simple things can be if we just focus on where are -- in this moment. The group is so wonderful. . . .The energy in the room is electric and positive.  It is about being who you are, and being happy.~ J. R.

The delightful thing about the Insight Mentoring process is that I get to ask all the questions I’ve reflected on, pondered over and wondered about in my own unsatisfactory solitary pursuit. In working with Metta, I’m assured of a thoughtful, nonjudgmental reply, based upon her own understanding and personal awareness.

Metta is incredibly generous and patient with my struggle to explore and comprehend the vastness and simplicity of the "awakening" process.  Her thoughtful, straight-forward responses are communicated clearly from the heart and lift me to higher levels of understanding each time we meet. Our attention in these sessions is so focused within the present moment that we exist for a time almost as two people dancing heart to heart.

Our discussions center on what it means to be "enlightened" or "aware," and how to make sense of the struggle we see and experience in the physical world. These discussions stay with me as I move into my week, centering me and transforming my personal interactions. I’m finding great joy in experiencing life and relationships on a deeper, more meaningful level as a result of sharing this process with Metta. ~ J. H.

This exploration is void therapy from beyond the contracted self. . . . Extraordinary Metta, your competence and energy are amazing. Thank you again for helping me to re-enter that spaciousness and ordinariness that I had almost given up on. ~ R.P.

Dear Metta ~ You're a real jewel!!! I was overjoyed when I read your answer to my questions on the "dark night of the soul". . . and I'm glad you responded so fast. ~ S. Z.

Thank you for your warm welcome! Reading your words is like having fresh air filter into the soul! ~ L. E.

The meaning of "metta" is "loving kindness". You are that. ~ E.T.

Metta Zetty
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